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Czech Professors Held a Panel Discussion at BURCH
Oct 31, 2018

Czech Professors Held a Panel Discussion at BURCH

The Department of International Relations and European Studies organized a panel discussion on the topic of Balkan Regional Security on Monday, October 29, 2018, with visiting scholars from Masaryk University’s Faculty of Social Studies in Brno, Czech Republic.

Three guest professors were part of a panel and held lectures later on. Prof. dr. Josef Kraus, prof. dr. Miroslav Mareš, and prof. dr. Věra Stojarová spoke about the possibility of proxy conflicts in the region, ethnic riots as an early warning mechanism for wider ethnic violence, and foreign fights from the Balkans to the Syrian and related conflicts, respectively.

The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. dr. Jasmin Hasić of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, who is an alumnus of the Masaryk University. The vice rector for scientific research and international cooperation, prof. dr. Sanela Klarić opened the event by welcoming the guests and encouraging further such cooperation.

Prof. Stojarová presented figures on the participation of foreign fights from the Balkans in general and the Western Balkans in specific in the Syrian conflict since 2011. Prof. Kraus introduced the audience to the notion of proxy conflicts, the theoretical framework of proxy conflicts, underlying causes of proxy conflicts, and the usual flow of proxy conflicts. Prof. Mareš spoke about ethnic riots as a precursor to large-scale ethnic violence. He elaborated upon his research that led him to conclude that such a correlation exists.

Discussion session followed the individual presentations, in which many students, professors, and outside guests took part.

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