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Erasmus Student Visiting Burch University
Mar 06, 2018

Erasmus Student Visiting Burch University

Egle Mikulskaite, an Erasmus exchange student from Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, completed the winter semester at the International Burch University, Department of English Language and Literature.

“This was not the first time I visited Bosnia and Herzegovina. A year ago, we saw several countries while hitchhiking, but Bosnia left us with the greatest impression. Not only because of the wonderful nature and single-hearted people, but also because of the self-sustained authenticity. After spending five months in Sarajevo, my opinion about this country and its people remained same as I thought.”

“At Burch University, I got a chance to meet lots of wonderful people. If you are an Erasmus student, everything looks new, unfamiliar, and sometimes - even scary. But the warmth, openness, and helpfulness of the people of this university turned these worries into pleasant and memorable memories with new experiences. I was fascinated by the sense of humor of my colleagues, the aptitude to ironize difficult situations, which are probably, the characteristic of all Bosnian people.  Although the study program was not easy for me, I found it quite interesting, informative and useful. I am returning to my country with a lot of valuable knowledge and with a new topic of my master’s thesis. This was certainly a very practical experience of my life. I am also taking a lot of life lessons and significant memories with me. In Literature courses, I developed a broader perception of literature, cultural and historical manners, and most importantly, about people.”