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Hana Sirćo: Today You Do Not Have to Carry The Technology With You But On You
Jan 19, 2018

Hana Sirćo: Today You Do Not Have to Carry The Technology With You But On You

A young designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hana Sirćo is known for her exceptional creations in the world fashion scene. After Milan Fashion Week, during which she presented her best ideas, Hana improved this business by bringing together, which seemed incompatible, fashion and technology, and thus successfully experimented in the field of fashion and design.

"My first love is definitely art and drawing. My earliest memories relate to pen and paper and drawings that were created in some of my early creative phases. For my drawings, one of my first prizes I recall that I once drafted a work on a certain topic in the war and surrounded Sarajevo. The best work prize was a hundred chocolates and for the children in the surrounded Sarajevo for us was a fantastic gift. "

"After the elementary school, I had some strange feeling that my life would fit into fashion design, but my formal education did not go in that direction. Although I enrolled Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo, in the meantime, I visited professors from the Art School in Sarajevo who gave me guidelines for my first creations and helped to exhibit work at exhibitions organized by art school students and during Sarajevo Fashion Week. "

Opening the fashion world

"Sarajevo Fashion Week was really a turning point in my life, where I established the first contacts with Mirjana Deak, who was my mentor. After that, I met Andrijana Popović, who works for Gianfranco Ferre, and she has taught me so much. It was followed by the organization of the first independent magazine in 2013. My collection was then funded by the Erste Foundation from Germany, after that I designed collections for children financed by UNICEF and USAID, and I presented the collection 'Felicita' at the Serbian Fashion Week, where I was selected in 20 best designers and fashion dreams let me all the way to the last presented collection at Milan Fashion Week, which is at the same time one of the most important fashion events in the world. "

Today everything is smart and it's time to have a smart bag

"I find inspiration everywhere, it depends on moments. It can be an armchair, a plant, a building. I know this is it, as soon as I see it. The last collection is inspired by the orientation, because I adore the oriental dance, which is also dancing, so the ideas are just flowing. ''

"As one of my favorite clothes I designed, I would like to excel, a perfectly designed leather coat that found its place in the wardrobe of famous diva Severina Vučković. I put a lot of effort into it and worked very hard, and I consider it especially impressive and interesting. This coat has been caught by so many ladies’ eyes. "

"Knowledge of people like Eddie Čustovića, who is also one of the professors of the International Burch University, an active member of the IEEE, the world's largest professional organization, and a professor at the renowned Australian La Trobe University, truly empowered me to create the first smart bag for women. The concept was simple, and it's a technology that you no longer need to carry with you, but literally, you can carry it on yourself. "

"Today, there are already materials that are sprinkled with different light strands, and these materials are increasingly finding their place in the fashion industry. The more my primary idea was to create a "glittering dress" that would literally glisten on the runway. From that plan, I did not give up, but in the meantime, the idea of creating a smart handbag for women appeared. The process of making it was not easy, but as it is a brand-new product and I can tell it is an innovation, I primarily interviewed dozens of women who wrote their wishes and associations when they mentioned the smart bag. At the end, we came to a simple concept. We need a light inside the pouch, a mobile phone charger and a GPRS device that would show where the pouch is at any moment. Of course, there are still many additional performances planned, which I would not like to talk about because it is still a surprise for all those who want to have this kind of purse. "

Expect the dress that lights up!

"At the moment, I am focused on creating a smart bag and studio space in which all world fashion trends will definitely be monitored. Therefore, I must say that I will persevere in my work. Of course, during my work, as a young woman developing my own business, I addressed various institutions that allegedly offer help to young people and youth business. I do not have to say that the answer was always negative. I am disappointed that the state does not provide any support. That's why young people are leaving, although there are those like me who are trying to achieve something significant in their country and show that they can succeed here too. The team more to me are International Burch University and professors like Dr. Eddie Čustović who are really that special light at the end of the tunnel. "

Smart bag