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IBU Professor As a Panelist at the International Conference
Nov 15, 2018

IBU Professor As a Panelist at the International Conference

At the international conference on theories of the international relations in Zagreb, professor Hasić has presented his work titled: „The post-Dayton foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of postcolonial theories of international relations “.

Professor Jasmin Hasić, from the Department of International Relations and European studies, was a panelist at the international conference named „Theories of the international relations: how to interpret modern world“ last week. The Conference was organized by the Croatian Political Science Society and the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb on the occasion of publishing the book "Marxist Theories of International Relations" (Dejan Jović, Political Analysis Library, FPZG, 2018).

The most respected experts from the field of international relations from the territory of the former Yugoslavia took a part in this. This event marks the end of publication of the edition on theories of international relations, within which four books were published since 2013, including: „Theories of the International Relations. Realism“, „Liberal theories of the international relations“, „Constructivist theories of the international relations“ and "Marxist Theories of International Relations".

The main focus of this conference is the question of the usefulness and practical use of the theory of international relations for the interpretation of contemporary trends and developments in the field of international relations.