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ICESoS Conference 2018: Tourism Can Become a Serious Development Resource and Economy Impeller in BiH
May 10, 2018

ICESoS Conference 2018: Tourism Can Become a Serious Development Resource and Economy Impeller in BiH

The International Conference on Economics and Social Studies ICESoS 2018, organized by International Burch University, has officially begun today at the reception hall of the Hills hotel. This time, the conference topic is current trends in tourism and services industry in the Balkans region.

For six years now, ICESoS has gathered prominent experts from various fields to talk about most relevant global topics and thus propose solutions for the current problems discussed at the conferences. The conference gathered over 100 participants from 10 countries of the region and the EU, with over 50 scientific studies being presented.

The importance of the conference was confirmed by the participation of the State Minister of Transport and Communications, Ismir Jusko, as well as several Ambassadors of the member states of the European Union. Minister Jusko thanked the International Burch University for the organization of such an important conference, and in his introductory address he particularly addressed the students who attended the conference in large number, explaining them the difficult way of development of the Transport Strategy of BiH, which many thought was impossible, and which provided Bosnia and Herzegovina with access to funds for the construction of Corridor 5c in the amount of 2.300.000,00 KM. In the final part of his address, Minister Jusko sent a clear message to the academic community and students, which is the importance of lobbying for the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina at all conferences, roundtables and other discussions, emphasizing the simple rule "If you are not at the table, you might find yourself on the menu! ".

The newly-appointed ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Martin Kačo, in his address said:

 „I believe in Europe and joint EU projects, and I believe that the road to the EU has been paved in this region as well. That is why I always support the ideas that strengthen connections and relations. One important aspect of such networking is tourism which will create, I am positive, a lot of new workplaces in this country. The importance of tourism in the process of joining the EU is something Slovakia holds as one of the priorities of our foreign policy. That is why I am very glad to see creative young individuals here who will be or already are the most important impetus of BiH towards its integration in EU“.

ICESoS 2018 conference particularly highlighted tourism as a potential leading moving force of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was pointed out that both tourists and locals who would like to revitalize touristic resources but do not possess enough knowledge nor capacities. 

„Coming from a faculty focused on hotel and tourism management in Opatija, I'm happy to be in Sarajevo today and hear the way you're talking about tourism. I am here often because I know that Sarajevo and Bosnia have the potential to develop tourism that could globally be recognized. The important thing is to envelop the resources in BiH into a tourism product,“ said Prof. Dr. Zrinka Zadel from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Opatija.

The keynotes emphasized the importance of scientific research we always rely on to solve certain issues and develop new economic branches that will strengthen the economy of one country and its citizens.

„ICESoS 2018 is a place for experts who annually discuss the questions of regional development. This year's conference is focused on one particularly important topic for Bosnia and Herzegovina – tourism. Usually, the questions are related to integrated economic development that encompasses the three main sectors – development in terms of economy, social growth and ecology. This year's conference has gathered a significant number of scientists, explorers, and students, as well as company representatives who are part of the industry and will have the chance to share their experiences, insights, and solutions for the development of this industry in the future“, emphasized Assist. Prof. Dr. Nedim Čelebić, the Vice Rector for Planning and Development of Burch University.

The conference opening was attended by students, experts from the field, representatives of the diplomatic corps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Burch University members, representatives of the academic community, NGO sector and economy.

The conference will last for three days. Today's opening of the conference in Hotel Hills began with guest addressing and a panel discussion involving eminent academic staff from the region (Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia). Afternoon and tomorrow, Friday, May 11, continues with presentations of scientific studies in 8 different sections in the premises of Burch University. For the third day, a one-day gathering is planned with the participants of the conference, and visits to some of our tourist destinations in Sarajevo, Mostar, and Travnik.

ICESoS Conference 2018