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Jasmin Kevrić: The Old-Style Engineers Believe in Hard Work and Messy Hands, But Young Generations Are Intensively Being Prepared For The Concept Of Renewable Energy Sources
Feb 16, 2018

Jasmin Kevrić: The Old-Style Engineers Believe in Hard Work and Messy Hands, But Young Generations Are Intensively Being Prepared For The Concept Of Renewable Energy Sources

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevrić, the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the International Burch University, is a young and highly talented engineer who is teaching courses related to electronics, signals, artificial intelligence. Recently, Department of Electrical Engineering became part of the ERASMUS + capacity building project that will refresh curricula for undergraduate and master studies in the field of smart power grids. Through the implementation of this project, the International Burch University will have an additional opportunity to equip laboratories where simulations and experiments in the field of smart power grids will be carried out.

"Partners of this great project from B&H are universities from Eastern Sarajevo and Tuzla, while a total of nine universities from the Balkans will participate. Universities in the EU are of course part of the project as well. Essentially, the most important segment of the project is strengthening existing capacities of the Department through modernization of curricula and creation of new laboratories to be used in the teaching process, that will allow our students to do simulations and analyze different processes in line with most recent trends. In the end, all is to be crowned with an online platform that will connect laboratories on participating universities, which will, in turn, allow students to access facilities outside the home university and that way enhance possibilities for further research ", said Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevric.

From dumb to smart

"Our students are extremely active, they bring new ideas and suggestions and want to start the education process in the best possible way. Therefore, we had an obligation to provide them with practical lessons. So, we are not surprised by our exceptional cooperation with Elektroprivreda BiH, which could find the concept of creating smart electricity networks designed for isolated territories and areas where standard lines cannot be reached quite useful. In such areas, it is recommended to build solar panels, power plants or some other sources of electricity", emphasized Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevric.

Breaking prejudice

"Our students had the opportunity to see the production of energy through solar panels located near Mostar. We also explored the wind turbines located in Slano, near Dubrovnik. When we talk about prejudice, we need to differentiate between users who primarily want their homes to be illuminated by the energy they receive from solar panels and meet their own needs and the concept of creating solar power plants or wind power plants that connect to the electricity network."

"Bosnia and Herzegovina is a land rich in water resources and therefore extremely interesting for the construction of small hydropower plants. We have visited one of these plants located near Konjic with our students. However, the underlying difference between mini hydropower plants and solar panels is a fast payoff that goes to the benefit of mini-hydropower plants that last longer. But despite all, the engineers of the older generations do not believe in these systems, they believe in manual work." 

Where is the future?

"In the past system, Bosnia and Herzegovina was a country where large systems like big hydropower plants and thermoelectric plants were built. I was born in Jablanica, which was a symbol of the construction of hydroelectric power plants. That past time will never come back because of the lack of qualified staff and lack of good geographical points on which large systems could potentially be built. In B&H we do have space for small hydropower plants. On the other hand, we must work on the education of young engineers who will work on solar panel installations, wind, and hydro generators. I am glad that this concept is recognized, and that Elektroprivreda BiH is working on the development of wind generators in Podveležje region."

"The future will still work for in favor of the free market, where we will have the opportunity to choose energy providers. The competition will affect price, but tendencies show that energy prices will rise. However, with large systems that continue to work, small hydropower plants, wind power plants and solar power plants represent the future that will integrate into an existing, large and developed system and be an irreplaceable support to them."