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Karate Experts: Ahmed and Jusuf Unanimous - Karate is a Skill!
Jun 07, 2018

Karate Experts: Ahmed and Jusuf Unanimous - Karate is a Skill!

Young Karate experts, students of Burch University, were welcomed by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, who congratulated them for their success, as well as for their efforts to work with young generations. The Rector received a cup as a gratitude for his support. Jusuf Suljić, a successful IT student of Burch, and his colleague Ahmed Zukić, also an outstanding student at the university, both fell in love in sports as young kids. Their choice, as it usually happens when we talk about boys, was not football, but one of the noblest martial arts of Karate.

Because of their love for karate, these students, Jusuf and Ahmed, decided to share their knowledge with younger generations and students who regularly visit the campus and the newly- built sports hall.

"I began training karate at the age of six, and today I am a black belt holder. Years of training, all the sweat, and painful hits are behind us, but karate is the first love, and for this sport and young people we teach nothing is really hard,” said Jusuf.

The other student, Ahmed Zukić, has been a friend and partner with Jusuf from their early childhood when they began building up their strength and learning all the moves.

"Jusuf and I have been training for 12 years, and now we are working with small children up to the fifth grade of elementary school. However, it’s difficult for children to understand karate. As a skill, life therapy and a masterpiece, Karate is a sport that builds your psyche, body, and character. However, it should be noted that karate is an ancient skill passed down from one generation to another and can be dealt with by everyone both professionally and amateur," adds Ahmed.

According to our spokespersons, there are no physical requirements for karate, and everyone can deal with this sport – what is special about all martial arts from Japan is that there are no physical requirements. However, there are always categories and classifications depending on height and weight, but one should remember that everyone can do karate.

"In the era, we live in, there are no ninja turtles, children are interested in karate and not cartoons, our students have permanent access to the Internet and they are only interested in the first karate matches we are talking about and which are analyzed in detail. But karate is not such an expensive sport; there are a lot of investments in the competition itself but there’s no doubt many people can afford to do the sport,” says Yusuf.

Yusuf and Ahmed are coming from the karate club "Champion" from Ilidza, where they were trained by well-known Denis Muhović. Those who may be interested in the work of these outstanding students at the International Burch University can visit IBU campus and the newly- built sports hall where these guys train twice a week, Monday and Thursday at 2:00 PM.