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Lean Startup School at The International Burch University
Feb 06, 2018

Lean Startup School at The International Burch University

There are 10 teams participating from all over Bosnia: E-Washer is a team from Mostar; The Developers is a team from Donji Vakuf; B-Smart is a team from Sarajevo; Whoopedu has a team member from Bosanka Krupa. Mirrargence has a team from Bihać; Shift has a team from Travnik; Knowlead is a team from Sarajevo, and Smart Home is a team from Tuzla.

Lecturer Malcolm Duerod in Burch's Entrepreneurship Program gave a short overview of the intensive three-day workshop running from February 5th through 8th.  

"Burch University's goal is to give young people a chance to create their own job after completion of their degree. Teammates are often met during undergraduate courses and teams form and work on their products while completing their master’s degree", said lecturer Malcolm.

Fundraising advice comes from an international expert Eric Brotto, who is an Entrepreneur, Canadian resident, with an expertise in startup acceleration.  He opened the first ever Lean Startup School with a presentation on how startups usually change from their first idea to their final product or service. He has a huge international experience to draw from, including working at accelerators like Startupbootcamp in London and most recently designing a post-accelerator program for a consortium of accelerators in Las Vegas.  Eric's website (www.thembaisdead.com) is tracking funds available for startups from accelerator programs worldwide.  Eric will be available during the month of February to work with startups in the Burch Student Incubator.  

In total summary, there are thirty participants including corporate participants from Ministry of Programming in Sarajevo. All of this was made possible by Swiss contact, the Swiss foundation for technical cooperation and their ecosystem facilitator, Alema Pelesić.

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