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Life-changing Experiences at English Department of BURCH University
Apr 27, 2018

Life-changing Experiences at English Department of BURCH University

Since its establishment, International Burch University has always strived to realize the international character beyond its title by engaging in and supporting a variety of activities involving the international exchange of students and academic staff members.

This year, the Department of English Language and Literature took the lead by participating in Erasmus + program with the Mediterranean country of Spain. Only this semester, four students from our department went to Spain. Sophomore students, Kenan Ćatić and Alesandro Tomić and juniors, Anesa Opijač and Mirela Imamović are now completing the second semester of their studies at the University of Leon, in Leon.

To provide a complete exchange experience, we received two amazing Spanish students. Enrique Martinez de la Concha and Markel Lazaro Ozcoidi found their new home at the English department of Burch University. We hope they feel welcome in our department and are enjoying their stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Erasmus+ Exchange Students Leon Spain