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Ljuba Youngblom: When You Tell “No” to the People in the Balkans They Say “Yes” and That it is an Advantage
Mar 12, 2018

Ljuba Youngblom: When You Tell “No” to the People in the Balkans They Say “Yes” and That it is an Advantage

Ljuba Youngblom is one of those successful young people from the Balkans whose parents left Yugoslavia in search of a better life. They moved to Canada where Ljuba was born. But this is just the beginning of his story - his growing up is related to America and San Francisco. Ljuba completed his studies in California, at the prestigious Berkeley University, after which he completed his Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Informatics, and Design. He started his career as a UX designer, followed by the development of the startup "Automatic", whereby Ljuba and his team became world famous.

"Automatic is essentially a device that you can use in your car, which is designed to analyze the data your car is creating that is later stored in the cloud. Of course, the end user can see where the car is at any moment, the driving statistics, and can call for emergency assistance if an accident occurs."

"For six years I have worked for the development of Automatic, but in a very short term, we reached 300,000 users. After the success of the company, we decided to take a little rest and contact the non-governmental organization “Swiss contract” with which we are actively working and promoting startup business in the Balkans."

When ‘yes’ becomes an advantage

"What I know is that formal education is not what we are primarily educating ourselves for. Our whole life is an education and we are trying to learn more on a daily basis. Therefore, it is necessary to empower young people to seek education beyond teaching institutions in order to find their creative team and solve their problems."

"As someone who worked really hard on developing my startup, I have to say that there are many people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and at the International Burch University who have an enormous potential for advancement. However, as I am constantly in touch with people from the region, I must say that our people are extremely resilient and stubborn. I'm not sure if it's our fault, but when you tell people in the Balkans “no” they say “yes”, and that is essentially our best trait."

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