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New Graphic Design Department at BURCH University
Jun 27, 2018

New Graphic Design Department at BURCH University

Laurent Viau-Lapointe and Roby Provost Blanchard visited International Burch University (IBU) for a planning meeting regarding the new laboratory for the Graphic Design Department. Both Laurent and Roby are experts in setting up digital arts and fabrication laboratories in Canada through their Millimetreseconde.com company.

Representatives from IBU’s incubator and Faculty of Education and Humanities were present to discuss the needs of students and faculty when designing the new laboratory.  Laurent and Roby were excited to see the developments and interdisciplinary nature of BURCH University as evidenced by the many student teams working on projects using different technology platforms such as voice recognition, mobile, and the Internet of things. 

The visit was made possible by IBU’s cooperation with Swiss Contact and their ecosystem facilitator in Bosnia and Herzegovina Alema Pelesic.

Graphic Design Lab Visit