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Representing New BURCH Owners and Professor Angus Laing who joins Stirling Education Advisory Board
Jul 17, 2018

Representing New BURCH Owners and Professor Angus Laing who joins Stirling Education Advisory Board

Stirling Education (SE) is a private equity fund run by experienced managers and educationalists. SE offers high-quality affordable English-language based teaching, based on best-practice English curricula. SE in the final stages of the process of acquiring ownership of the International BURCH University. We, Burch team, look forward to great improvements and positive changes with the senior executive team of SE, which has significant experience of leading and managing a multitude of successful businesses, with the wider team of experts bring a wealth of knowledge from the Education, Finance, Business, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources and IT sectors. SE is backed by a British-based Advisory Board with vast experience within the education sector, enjoying a proven track record of delivering high education standards.

Today, SE celebrates the addition of Professor Angus Laing to the Stirling Education Advisory Board.
Angus Laing was appointed Dean of Lancaster University Management School in October 2015. In addition to his role leading the School, he is the past Chair of the Association of Business Schools and is a Director of Nurture HE.
Professor Laing will take a seat on International BURCH University (IBU), Sarajevo’s leading private university’s Board of Trustees and in his new role, he will advise on the programme of change and business transformation currently underway at the University. Professor Laing is particularly interested in the pioneering ‘Incubation Project’ at IBU, which aims to inspire and develop entrepreneurship in undergraduates, who then go on to set up businesses within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Speaking of his appointment, Professor Laing said today: “I am delighted to be joining the Advisory Board at Stirling Education and joining the Board of Trustees at IBU. By providing my expertise in developing world-class university institutions, my aim is that the transformational programme underway at IBU continues to develop its inspirational teaching, exciting international opportunities and secure outcomes for the talented students joining IBU.’
Rector of IBU, Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović, welcomed Professor Laing to the University. ‘‘Our university has a determined mission: ‘To advance learning and transform lives’. We are a very modern University, teaching entirely in English, with the success of our students at the heart of what we do. By welcoming Professor Laing to our Burch family, we embrace the combination of the best of British thinking and business transformational experience with the ground-breaking pioneering spirit of Bosnia and Herzegovina here at IBU. That is how we are opening new doors to all of our students – doors to the UK education system and labour market”.
As part of the mission to connect students in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the international business and education community, IBU plans to further widen its collaboration with other universities, research institutions, international agencies and associations. With over 100 agreements with partner universities and other institutions from multiple countries already in place, the University plans to increase this reach in order to acquire the highest education standards and provide its students and academic staff with the best service. 
Stirling Education CEO, Mark Cooper, said: “Our investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina will lead to new international opportunities, revolutionise business practices, advance educational standards and ultimately, improve the educational outcomes of our students. I welcome Professor Laing to our team of dedicated educationalists as we implement our improvement plans”.