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Students Organized Traditional KICK-OFF Workshop
Nov 02, 2018

Students Organized Traditional KICK-OFF Workshop

Last week, the IBU Embedded System Design Club hosted the traditional KICK-OFF Workshop.

The workshop brought together thirteen students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the Department of Information Technologies, who in a three-day workshop, had the chance to get familiar with the basics of electronic design and embedded systems.

During the first day, our students were introduced to Arduino and its basic working principle. In the second day of the workshop, the participants had the chance to set up some basic devices which are used with Arduino such as RGB LEDs, Light Dependent Resistors and Ultrasonic sensors. Lastly, during the third day of the workshop, the students worked on Servo and DC motors and means to control it. They were taught how to use an H-Bridge controller in order to control the movement of two DC motors. Upon finishing the workshop, the students were divided into three groups in which they will work on their projects for the Kick-Off competition, after which they will become official members of the ESD Club.

The IBU ESD Team is thankful to all those who participated, in a wish that they had a great time and that they will join us again in the workshops that follow. A special thank you goes of course to the club’s senior members who worked hard on the organization of this workshop.

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