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Success Story by Burch Student Amila Lemes: I Want to Integrate B&H into the EU
Feb 01, 2018

Success Story by Burch Student Amila Lemes: I Want to Integrate B&H into the EU

A student from the International Burch University, Amila Lemes is one of those young people who move the borders. In addition to her exceptional success, the desire for learning and advancement, Amila has shifted boundaries and eliminated many prejudices when the institutions of the Federation of B&H are in question.

Namely, Amila, a student at Burch University, was the first female student to apply for an internship at the Federation Parliament. Luckily Amila's request was accepted, and her desire and will towards work and promotion proved to be efficient especially after a one-month volunteering at the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation under the mentorship of the Vice-President of the House of Representatives Vesna Švancer.

"Amila truly was a positive surprise for all of us, primarily for me as her mentor. Of course, my primary task was to explain to Amili the complicated administrative structure of Parliament. However, Amila wanted much more, she was interested in EU integration processes. As a participant in the process of EU integration, I helped in the realization of her wishes. But EU integration processes are complicated and require the engagement of young educated people, a polyglot like most of the students who graduate from Burch University. Therefore, it is important to be a mentor to young people such as Amila who really understand what she wants and what she does not want to do", said Vice President of the House of Representatives Ms. Vesna Švancer.

Although Miss Lemes's path is likely to be related to European integration outside of B&H, a 21-year-old student says she wants to integrate Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus contribute to a country that for her, she says, is "A noun without a pronoun”.

Amila Lemes