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The Library of Burch University
Feb 08, 2018

The Library of Burch University

The Burch University Library (library ibu.edu.ba) catalog has a total of 23,750 library units and 2,613 journals. According to the possibilities, the library fund is constantly being enriched with new editions in coordination with professors and students, we also equipped the library with the necessary computer equipment so that the records and archives are kept in electronic form in accordance with library standards.

The library space consists of two parts - library and reading room. The reading room contains computers used by students and professors for business and personal needs. On all computers, students and academic staff can access both the catalog and the databases (EBSCO, ELSEVIER, SCIENCE DIRECT, IXXX XPLORE).

Resource Quality and Availability System:

The library of our University has literature and magazines according to the departments at the university. There is also available decent amount of literature from the fields of Economics, English Language and Literature, Informatics, Turkish Language and Literature, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, etc. In addition to the existing literature, the library also offers donated library material from other areas such as religion, history, politics, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, sociology. The library also has 71 doctoral, 314 masters and 600 undergraduate papers. Available literature is in English, German and in our language as well as magazines. Access to the shelves is free.

Our plans in the near future are:

- better integration of the library into the teaching process of the university

- use of the library within the educational area

- creating students' habits for using the library

- encouraging students to use the library 

- making use of library become a healthy habit

- creating student's habits for using the library

- education of students for using databases, etc.

Books are acquired mainly from the largest publishing houses: Pearson, Chengage, Prentice Hall.

Our efforts in the future will be visible through various activities, all in favor of improving the services of the library, and achieving the greater satisfaction of its users.