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The Most Significant bh. Academician Kemal Hanjalić Was Awarded the Honorary Doctorate of Burch University
May 31, 2018

The Most Significant bh. Academician Kemal Hanjalić Was Awarded the Honorary Doctorate of Burch University

An honorary doctorate was awarded today at the International Burch University, to academician and university professor, and the most-acclaimed Bosnian scientist.

Academician Hanjalić was welcomed by Rector of the International Burch University Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović followed by the award ceremony of the honorary doctorate.

"The international Burch University is a young scientific institution, which has decided to go in a difficult direction that is not unusual for BiH. We realized that our rating and visibility are being built on credibility and a concept that would be different from what is being built in this country. In this BiH we love, there are many good people and potentials. The IBU is the potential of this country and through it we want this potential to grow to great power. Therefore, together we have decided to award one honorary doctorate each year. When we discussed the criteria, we realized that the people we are awarding this title simply must be what we really strive for. They must be guiding students, future scientists, and professors. I know that this story of idols is not popular, but people simply need to understand that we scientists have people we admire, but those people still have slightly different ideas and aspirations than those who are often unjustly idolized in the public nowadays. That is why we are here today because we want to highlight the real values in our society. We are aware that there are different universities, different concepts of action and various deserved or undeserved holders of honorary doctorates. But on the other hand, we are aware that each university has its own criteria and value models. We at Burch, just like we are, it was easy to decide that academician Kemal Hanjalić is the person we want to take for example to our students and younger colleagues and a person who is honored by the fact that he accepted to be our honorary doctor of science", said Rector Marjanović, after which an honorary doctorate was awarded to academician and university professor Kemal Hanjalić.

Academician and university professor Kemal Hanjalić thanked for the honor given to him in his Bosnia and Herzegovina and his hometown of Sarajevo and then addressed students and professors of the International Burch University in the following words:

 "With great joy and pride, I accept the honorary doctorate of the International Burch University. I consider this doctorate a confirmation of my long-standing work and achievements, but also with the recognition of my numerous students, associates, colleagues and colleagues and all those who supported my work and encouraged me", said Academician Kemal Hanjalić and continued:

"My long career and work at many world-renowned universities were conditioned by my curiosity and adventurous spirit. I am happy and proud that, in practically all these countries, my work, activities, and achievements have been recognized, valued and confirmed by various awards and recognition. However, today's recognition has special weight because it comes from my homeland and from my hometown, and therefore it has a special weight and importance more than that which comes from a young university that in only a decade managed to achieve significant affirmation and recognition as a respectable scientific and research institution and thereby enriched the network of universities in BiH. "

Hanjalić emphasized that the advantage of Burch University is youth and dynamism, modernity and modernity that breathes and works in the spirit of the present time, modern movements, and aspirations, and recognizes the challenges of the future.

"I am proud that I received such a high title from such an institution today. I will continue to work to prove that I deserve this high recognition of the International Burch University."

Akademik Kemal Hanjalic