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Trčanje.net : Jasmina Sinanović Among the 50 Fastest Women in B&H
Feb 28, 2018

Trčanje.net : Jasmina Sinanović Among the 50 Fastest Women in B&H

Jasmina Sinanović, who is extremely modest about her own success, continues exceptionally responsibly and diligently performing the work of the PR of the International Burch University. In addition to acquiring a bachelor degree at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, she got a Master's degree in English Language and Literature at International Burch University and she is in the final stage of preparation for the defense of another magistrate in the field of International Relations and European studies.

However, apart from science and communication, running is also one of her great love - and since 2009 she has been doing this professionally. Nonetheless, that's not all. The famous sports portal https://trcanje.net ranked Jasmina Sinanović among the fastest 50 women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Moreover, Jasmina is in the 39th position with a time of 2:06:23 for the 21 km run out.

Races such as 5 K and 10 K are piece of cake for her, but she is especially proud of the marathons among which Jasmina stands out Boston Marathon in the military camp in Afghanistan in 2011. After the Boston Marathon, Jasmina Sinanović ran four Air Force marathons and two half-marathons in Sarajevo and Split.

“Agile way of life and stress just trigger the bad things in life. Constant sitting, harshness, and work on the computer harm our organism and body structure. Therefore, any form of training is perfect for the soul, not just the body. If you combine music and cardio in all of that, a completely different day is in front of you. Unfortunately, not everyone understands or has the commitment to run“, emphasizes Jasmina Sinanović.

"Success is about continuity. Successful training for every individual is about finding the balance", says Jasmina, adding, "pieces of training can sometimes be stressful and tear down your body, but each activity requires focus, effort, work, willingness, and dedication, and I know that tomorrow is a new day in which I will start with a smile on my face."

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