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University Cooperation Between B&H, Austria and Croatia Successfully Realized
Mar 26, 2018

University Cooperation Between B&H, Austria and Croatia Successfully Realized

Secretary-General of the University of Juraj Dobrila from Pula, Vesna Mijatović, visited the International Burch University, with whom cooperation has been established with a special emphasis on the realization of preliminary agreements on cooperation for "joint degree" programs at the Department of International Relations and European Studies of Burch University. Such a form of cooperation represents a perfect blend of knowledge and staff exchange during the three-year cycle, and the diplomas to be gained will have three stamps - certificates from the University of Bosnia and Herzegovina (International Burch University), Croatia (Juraj Dobrila University) and Austria (University of Applied Sciences, FH Burgenland) - which is especially important for European integration and scholars who come from the EU area and will teach students of the International Burch University.

"International Burch University is a partner institution of the University of Juraj Dobrila from Pula and this is a continuation of successful cooperation that began back in 2012, this visit is focused on the implementation of the joint study program of universities from B&H, Croatia, and Austria. We have also talked about joint doctoral studies that we have realized with Universities from Slovakia, Hungary, but also with Universities from Croatia and Austria which is the holder of doctoral studies in economics", said Secretary-General Vesna Mijatović.

A special surprise is the summer school for students during which the German, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian languages will be taught. The entire program lasts three weeks and the students will be in Pula located in a hotel at the peak of the season, from July 10 to July 30, while the rest of the time they will spend in a dormitory for a price of 170 Euros (which is a symbolic price for staying in Pula during that period) as more funds will be provided by the Austrian government.

"We visit each other and do not share our ideas via email. We quickly succeeded in establishing cooperation at the doctoral studies and now we are preparing the opening of the bachelor’s program at the Department of International Relations and European Studies, which is a practically integrated program where we work together with our partners from Croatia and Austria. This is very important for our students because they can listen to professors and experts from the EU, and the diploma they will acquire will be embellished with three seals of the EU and Bosnian universities. But we do not stop here; we continue to insist on this exchange of knowledge and students with our partner organizations. This kind of cooperation shows that International Burch University is truly appreciated and highly ranked as one of the best universities", said Sanela Klarić, the Vice Rector of International Burch University.