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Weekend Coding School for Highschool Students Finished
Oct 25, 2018

Weekend Coding School for Highschool Students Finished

“Meet and Code mission completed!” said the team that worked on the project organization.

All modules and lectures of the Meet and Code weekend coding school for high school students are successfully finished. More than 120 high school students participated in six trainings that were conducted in four cities. The participants had the opportunity to attend Android and Arduino workshops, where they tried to program on their own, with the help of instructors who explained the procedures.

The team that organized the lectures consisted of students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Natural Sciences of the International BURCH University, representatives of the local teams of the Association of High School Students of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and several employees of BURCH University.

The project was supported by TechSoup Balkans, which this year also included the International BURCH University in the organization of Meet and Code since the program has the same goals as the University itself which is to train young people who are eager for knowledge and interested in possible tasks they will meet in the future.

Meet and code finished