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British Ambassador Visited International Burch University
Nov 04, 2019

British Ambassador Visited International Burch University

Ambassador to Students: „It is crucial to improve education in BiH that will encourage you, young people, to think critically and creatively, as this will help you develop problem-solving skills.ˮ

International Burch University was visited today by British Ambassador Matthew Field who spoke with students on „UK and BiH: working together to deliver change.ˮ

The British ambassador noted that his visit was a sign of support to Burch University, which is part of the British Stirling Education Group.

In his lecture to the students, the Ambassador emphasized that the changes that should happen to Bosnia and Herzegovina should come from the citizens themselves: „It will be difficult for someone to know your way better than yourself," he said, adding that the main goal of his mission in BiH is to focus on the changes citizens want to see.

"For Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most important thing is to fight the corruption, improve education, health, security, to vote, to improve the business environment, to facilitate ways of starting a business and to bring in investors," said Matthew Field.

He referred to the massive leaving of young people from BiH as one of the biggest problems, because the best resources are leaving us, so it is necessary to create an environment and opportunities that will keep them here.

"That is why it is crucial to enhance the education that will encourage young people to think critically and creatively, as it will develop their problem-solving skills," said the Ambassador.

He emphasized that start-up projects and entrepreneurship development are one of the UK's priorities and he is happy that Bosnia and Herzegovina has started to develop in this direction: „You, as an entrepreneurial university with a start-up incubator, are an example of the changes that need to be followed. ˮ

After a short speech, ambassador Field began a discussion with students who asked him, among other things, what was the importance of cooperation between educational institutions, government, and the business sector, and what experiences he had in working with young people from BiH.

The Ambassador said that the cooperation of these three sectors is crucial because it will contribute to the development of the country, while young people in BiH are eager for change and should be given the opportunity to make one.

International Burch University is a university that is leading the changes in BiH's education system and is proud to have a professional staff that is thinking objectively and critically.

“The arrival of the British Ambassador is a sign that we are on a good pathway because as the best ranked private university and the first entrepreneurial university we face different challenges. This is precisely the path we have chosen because we want future entrepreneurs in society, young people who will make changes and contribute to the development of the BiH economy and society in general ”, said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, an acting Rector of International Burch University.

The Ambassador's visit ended with a photo shooting and conversation with students.

British Ambassador visits IBU