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Gifts for Kids in the Parental Home from BURCH Students
Jan 16, 2019

Gifts for Kids in the Parental Home from BURCH Students

On January 10, 2019, the Student Association of the Faculty of Education and Humanities (SAFE) from the International BURCH University paid a joyful visit to children from the Parental Home

The ambition of a visit was to surprise children from the Parental Home with some New Year's gifts that BURCH students and members of SAFE had prepared for them.

Besides gifts and gifts caused happiness, children in the Parental Home had a chance to participate in activities prepared by BURCH’s SAFE members. This led to even greater fun and enjoyment in which both BURCH students and Children from the Parental Home participated together.

In order to get to know each other and get close with the children, students played the "The Friendship Network" during the meeting and later on, they made New Year's decorations together, which remained to decorate the Parental Home. Some of the decorations were taken back to Burch University as a reminder of a beautiful day.

Special and many thanks go to all students and staff of the International Burch University for participating in collecting money for gifts and allowing this visit to Parental Home to happen. With BURCH students and SAFE members’ great assistance, children from the Parental Home enjoyed their presents and they loved the positive atmosphere.