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Course on Big Data with the lecturer from Stanford University
Jun 18, 2019

Course on Big Data with the lecturer from Stanford University

Department of Information Technologies within Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences on the International BURCH University is organizing a three-day course on the topic of Big Data, with the lecturer from Stanford University.

In a period from 2nd to 4th of July, a free course will be held for all interested in Big Data organized by the Department of Information Technologies at BURCH University. The course will be held by Professor Jennifer Widom, who holds the same course at Stanford University. Jennifer Widom is the Dean of Engineering and Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

The Big Data is relatively new in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and processing, analysis, and visualization techniques are applicable and are used in any other area. No pre-knowledge of programming is required, therefore the course is suitable for students from different faculties.

The program is lasting three days and attendance is required for all three, because each one is a continuation of a previous one. Applicants should bring their laptops or opt to work in teams.

Applications can be filled throughout the link.