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Distributing Pink Ribbons As a Warning That It Is Time For a Checkup!
Oct 21, 2019

Distributing Pink Ribbons As a Warning That It Is Time For a Checkup!

With messages " Check yourself, warn others!", "It's up to us all!" International Burch University celebrated the importance of October, a month that symbolizes the fight against breast cancer.

Today, IBU organized the action of distributing pink ribbons, a symbol of the fight against this vicious disease, which is dedicated to developing an awareness of the importance of breast cancer prevention, where prevention means having regular checkups.

Breast cancer is a disease that generally takes most women's lives, and with regular checkups, we can identify and start with the treatment, find cure cancer on time, and remember that only one checkup on time can save a life.

According to current statistics, every 8 woman is a victim of this vicious disease, and men are also being diagnosed with breast cancer, which is little known in the public.

Students, professors, teaching assistants, assistants, administrative staff and technical staff all proudly wear pink ribbons, which are a reminder and a warning that it is time for a checkup. Through today's action, we have shown that we are ready to work together to raise awareness of this vicious disease and to support all who are currently fighting their battle for life.

Why don't we give a dear person a medical checkup as a birthday gift or replace everyday coffee with a chat in the waiting room while we wait for a checkup? This is a way of saying we care about each other because we really do!

International Burch University, as a socially responsible institution, will continue to carry out actions aimed at educating, helping and generally contributing to the community in which we operate.


Breast Cancer Awareness 2019