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From the StartUp idea to your own company
Jul 15, 2019

From the StartUp idea to your own company

In the following lines, read the story about a student whose good and unique idea became a dream come true with a lot of effort and support. All this was made possible by International Burch University (IBU) through the annual Start Me Up competition, which led her to start her own company.

Coming to an unknown country whose language you do not speak, whose culture, people and customs you do not know is a big challenge. One of the main goals of IBU is to attract and join students coming from various countries around the world, thus contributing to the strengthening of the international character of this institution.

Sahar Yousif Gobartalla, a student of the first year of the Department of Electrical Engineering, was brave enough to face such a challenge. The first year of her stay in BiH she spent in the Preparatory School of English Language at IBU, which was a great opportunity to learn a foreign language and prepare for enrollment at the university.

The first year of the study was a great introduction to getting to know the IBU staff and all the important resources of the university. By first signing up for the Start Me Up competition organized by IBU, Sahar strongly decided to go into the world of entrepreneurship, realizing that this is a very important connection in the modern world of business.

A year later, Sahar decided to develop and advance her original idea and reapplied to the Start Me Up competition, winning the second place.

"The first competition was a big test. This step helped me to advance my idea, improve language skills, understand the world of business and investment, and prepare me for a second competition. I have gained a remarkable result, a great second place and I am very happy that the professors, mentors, colleagues at International Burch University have recognized and rewarded my work and effort, " Sahar adds.

As a student of electrical engineering coming from the extremely hot regions of Sudan, Sahar has come up with the idea of producing a new version of the air conditioner. A smart eco-climate device, something totally different in design, features, and mode of operation. Her main goal is to create better and healthier lives for customers. Her idea, the Nano Airconditioner conserves energy and is climate-friendly, revolutionizing the air condition industry.

The benefits of this smart device are that it is a great friend of the environment because it does not release gases, but rather purifies water and air through the filters and delivers clean and fresh air to your homes, monitors air quality in the interior of the room, and through the mobile application shows how to remove dirt particles from the air and bring freshness to the space. All these features make your home a healthier place to live, especially if you are suffering from allergies, sensitive skin, asthma, insomnia or have other health problems. The high performance of this product is reflected in saving money, electricity, and energy, while the design of the product itself, including color, size, shape, can be easily adapted to your home environment, even in cars and airplanes.

When asked about how she is experiencing this success and what are the plans for her future work, Sahar says, "I came to an unknown country with my sisters and brother and our beginning was very difficult. I always did my best do complete all tasks on time, reply to all my responsibilities. I tried to learn as much as possible and I really did not expect that my efforts would be so noted at the university. "

"I am immensely grateful to Burch University staff on the given opportunities, great support, knowledge, and experience I have got so far. I am extremely thankful to my mentor, Mr. Admir Salihagić, who was the first initiator to launch my idea, who followed my work and progress from the very beginning and who tirelessly and selflessly gave me advice and guidance. "

"Special thanks go to professional and extraordinary professors from the Department of Management: Assist. Prof. Dr. Nedim Čelebić, Senior Teaching assistant Malcolm Duerod, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ensar Mekić, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ermin Cero, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, Assist. Prof. Dr. Esad Oruč, and Research assistant Ekrem Nurović. "

"Also, great gratitude and merit belong to the professors from the Department of Electrical Engineering Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasna Hifziefendić, Assist. Prof. Dr. Dejan Jokić, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevrić, who had taught me how to solve technical problems, directed my idea in the entrepreneurial direction and built the foundations for my company. I am grateful to everyone who believed that a young girl from another country could learn a language, master all the cultural barriers and stand out of the crowd. One thing is certain, IBU has provided me with countless opportunities, it is an excellent platform for further education, advancement, and independence. "

I am also very thankful to Mr. Azur Avdić from the study program for Graphic Design and Multimedia, who made my product look visually different adding a lot of creative and innovative ideas.

This is just one of the examples of a successful story developed through the Burch StartUp Incubator. Every year, through the Start Me Up competition, there are great ideas that are the basis for starting your own businesses with the overall support of the University, which is focused on providing space for work with legal, technical and professional support. IBU continues to develop this approach as the best private and first entrepreneurial university in BiH.



SAHAR - NANO airconditioner