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IBU escorted the 9th generation of students
Jul 06, 2019

IBU escorted the 9th generation of students

Last night, International Burch University hosted a graduation ceremony, greeting near 200 graduates, Master students, and Ph.D. students.

Emotions of pride, happiness, and satisfaction were present among all attendees at the most numerous IBU diploma-awarding ceremony. Near 200 graduates, master students and doctoral students traditionally threw their caps in honor of ending an important stage of education, proudly celebrating another successfully completed phase of life.

Students, professors, assistants, parents, guardians, relatives, and friends followed and greeted another, the 9th in a row,  generation of IBU students.

The attendees were addressed first by Mr. Timothy Donald Fisher, President of the IBU Board of Trustees who pointed out that Stirling Education, the British group to which IBU belongs, continues to invest in education in Bosnia and Herzegovina because this is what the youth in BiH deserve, with the aim of acquiring knowledge from the university use and contributing to the development of their country. Fisher also added, "I have never seen such talented young people in the world," stressing out that they should not leave their own country.

A special moment of the evening was giving special awards to the best students, totally 20 of them, who had an average over 9, who, in addition to their average GPA, were successful in other practical and extracurricular activities.

Rector of International Burch University,  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak, before delivering special awards to the best students, addressed the audience by giving a speech. He thanked students' parents for enrolling their children at IBU, adding that IBU staff were taking care of them at the university as if they were their own children, and then told the students: "You succeeded! You finished another important chapter in your life (#Lifechapter), a chapter with a lot of challenges, effort, but also friendships and new relationships." In continuation of addressing, he sent special messages to the students, emphasizing the importance of protecting their parents, taking care of their health and the way they live, taking care of others, their homeland, and finally having fun and nurturing good habits.

Finally, he said: "You are one of the best generations Burch has ever had! The fact that proves this is that our owners from London invested 3.5 million KM in this generation through the scholarships you received in the last three years".

The best students of the Generation 2019 are Hata Kurjakovic and Melisa H. Mehmedovic from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Hasan Okanović from the Faculty of Education and Humanities and Aldin Kovacevic from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Aldin Kovacevic took the title of the best of the best, after which he traditionally engraved his nameplate on the most popular student log and addressed the audience wishing all future IBU students to have the same experience as he did , concluding the speech with the words: " We are all students of the generation, the generation whose voice is heard, the generation that has ambitions and skills to be the initiator of long-lasting, permanent changes in society, and turns this world into a  little better place than we found it ".

The ceremony ended with a student anthem, Gaudeamus, throwing caps, warm embraces of students with their colleagues, professors and family, and mutually exchanged sincere wishes for success in all fields of life.

Generation 2019, we wish you all BEST OF LUCK!

Graduation Ceremony 2019