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IBU is once again the best private university in B&H
Aug 02, 2019

IBU is once again the best private university in B&H

According to the latest Webometrics report, from July of this year, International Burch University is first on the list of private universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Webometrics is the largest platform for ranking Higher Education Institutions from all over the world. According to the latest report, IBU remains the top-ranked private university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also ranked as the fourth overall in B&H, following the University of Sarajevo, the University of Banja Luka, and the University of Tuzla.

The aim of Webometrics the ranking is to improve the presence of academic and research institutions on the Internet and to promote the publication of open-access scientific results.

Since 2004, Webometrics has been providing reports every six months on independent, objective, free access information and providing fully open scientific results on the delivery of reliable, comprehensive, updated and useful information about the characteristics of the university from all over the world, based on their web presence data and the impact they make.

IBU has progressed and now is ranked at 3556rd place in the world ranking.