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IBU part of the ,,AmCham BiH Mentorshipˮ Program
Nov 08, 2019

IBU part of the ,,AmCham BiH Mentorshipˮ Program

International Burch University has responded to the call to be part of a unique educational and mentoring program called the „AmCham BiH Mentorshipˮ Program from November 2019 to the end of December 2020.

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at IBU were given the opportunity to participate in a unique professional development program that through the synergy of the academic and corporate sector will help in the improvement and development of young people - leaders who will lead the business community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Propulsion, in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH through the Social Impact Committee, is beginning to implement this program, which will take place in two phases: a Masterclass program that will include a series of thematic expert lectures for young AmCham BiH executives and final year students of BiH universities and Mentorship program that will provide students with mentoring, an opportunity to share ideas, experiences, dialogue and networking with leading business community people in BiH and business professionals.

The aim of this program is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the practical knowledge and skills necessary for business in the modern world, as well as the opportunity to participate in a competition that can bring them valuable rewards.

The students had their first lecture at the premises of the main branch of Raiffeisen Bank, where they were welcomed by Nadza Karic, Communications Officer of the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH, Marijana Usanovic, program manager at the Propulsion Fund, and lecturers who spoke on the topic of „Leadershipˮ.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Assist. Prof. Dr. Natasa Tandir after the first lectures stated: „We are proud to be invited to be part of this program. The process of professional development is of great importance for our students because through the program they will connect with managers of reputable companies. I think this period will be a wonderful experience, because students, through teamwork and mentoring of managers, will work on real business cases and apply the knowledge and skills acquired so far. Most notable in the whole story are networking and upgrading knowledge in working with professionals. ˮ

How motivating and educational the first day of lectures was is best shown by the positive reaction of our students.

“I am very grateful to Burch University for the opportunity to participate in this program, to acquire new knowledge and acquaintances, which will greatly help me at this stage of my studies. I think this will be a wonderful experience,” said Amra Dzambic, a first-year MBA student.

Anesa Opijac, also a first-year student of the MBA program at IBU, did not hide her enthusiasm about the organization of the program who stated at the end: „I am pleased to have received the opportunity to participate in the Mentorship program and I see this as a practical complement to my MBA classes. At the first masterclass, we met the managers who gave us very useful advice on leadership, management, and business in general. I am particularly looking forward to the second phase of the program where we will get our mentor who will further train us through joint projects.”


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