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IBU Supported Deloitte BiH's Project to Raise Awareness of Fraud
Nov 20, 2019

IBU Supported Deloitte BiH's Project to Raise Awareness of Fraud

Deloitte BiH, in cooperation with its partners, is marking the International Fraud Awareness Week for the first time in BiH this year from 18 to 22 November 2019.

The project was also supported by International Burch University, in which students took a special part alongside the professors.

Through the celebration of the International Fraud Awareness Week, special attention has been given to young people through the various activities organized. One of the activities is the research which will be conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia, in order to examine young people's awareness and views on fraud and corruption, and their experiences with various types of corrupt behavior.

Burch students participated in the research, as well as in other activities, so our first-year student of the Graphic Design and Multimedia Department, Edna Porca, won first place and an award for the best designed Instagram profile called "Break the corruption chain". Edna is proud to get a paid internship at Deloitte company as a winning reward.

In the making process of her Instagram profile, Edna and her colleagues conducted a survey that helped them establish connections with Mexico, China, Germany, Afghanistan, and America.

Happy about the opportunity to participate in the competition Edna stated: “I think bribery and corruption are big a problem in our society. The aim of our project is to raise awareness among young people about this problem and let's stop that chain of corruption. I am pleased that this topic has been recognized by the committee members as very useful and awarded me this very important reward which will help me in my future career. I believe our Instagram profile will wake young people up and encourage them to create a better society. ˮ

This is one of the projects within the established cooperation between Deloitte BiH and IBU. The cooperation continues in the future with the aim of contributing to the professional development of students and the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a reputable company such as Deloitte BiH.