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International Food Festival at the IBU Faculty of Education and Humanities
Nov 14, 2019

International Food Festival at the IBU Faculty of Education and Humanities

November 14, 2019, is marked as a day of delicious and diverse food and a good atmosphere at the Faculty of Education and Humanities at IBU.

As part of the extracurricular activities, the Students' Association of the Faculty of Education and Humanities (SAFE) organized the International Food Festival, with students from the Department of Graphic Design and Multimedia, the Department of English Language and Literature, as well as students from the Department of Digital Communications and Public Relations. Since students at this Faculty, and University in general, come from different countries around the world, the festival has been a great opportunity to celebrate the multiculturalism and diversity that this university has nurtured since its foundation.

Attending the festival was a great opportunity to bring together students from different countries of the world and are part of the IBU international academic community. With relaxing music, reciting their own poetry, the students enjoyed eating delicious food, learning about different cultures and customs in preparing traditional food authentic to the area they came from. In addition, representatives of the SAFE Association presented their activities and events so far and announced that they are intensively working on preparing even richer content in the coming period.

Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities Assist. Prof. Dr. Senad Becirovic, who did not hide his enthusiasm for good organization and number of participants, said: „Organizing such an event is very important for strengthening our academic community. The students were relaxed, cheerful, in the mood for new ideas and projects, and I am very proud of the team of people who were able to unite students at our university. This event is an indication that we are truly creating a healthy environment and a positive atmosphere among students. ˮ

What could also be noticed are the happy and satisfied faces of the main organizers of this event, President of the SAFE Association Rijad Pekaz, a second-year student in the Department of English Language and Literature, and Vice President Kenan Catic, a four- year student at the same department, who stated: „ Our main goal was to open the SAFE Association activities with one event that will involve all students and unite all cultures at our university. The number of attendees showed that we have succeeded in this, which makes us very happy. Our plan is to include as many new members as possible and as teamwork on the realization of future projects. We are thankful to colleagues from other clubs in our department who helped us organize this event.”

The importance of each extracurricular activity has also been shown by IBU students and professors who had the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time feel the breath of many other cultures.

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