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"National Museum" is a new project of students of Graphic Design and Multimedia
Jun 03, 2019

"National Museum" is a new project of students of Graphic Design and Multimedia

Students of the Study Program for Graphic Design and Multimedia at the International Burch University visited the National Museum of BiH. The visit was carried out as part of the project "National Museum", which our students are working on within the Study Program for Graphic Design and Multimedia. The project consists of making a poster that promotes the National Museum and its significance for the younger population, and a brochure made in two parts, emphasizing an exhibition segment / artifact that is of particular interest to the museum. The goal of the project is to inspire teenagers to visit the museum and learn more about the treasure and history of their country. Students of Burch University primarily want to create a remarkable design that speaks the language of younger generations, generations that tend to forget or ignore the value of knowledge and artifacts that are saved and exposed in such institutions.

The visit was organized as a tourist group tour, where our students had the opportunity to see the Department of Archeology, Ethnology and Natural Sciences. Archeology consists of prehistory, classical antiquity and the medieval period, ethnology consists of material culture and intangible heritage, and natural sciences are sections of botany, geology, and zoology. Tourist guides gave us a huge amount of information about many exhibitions/artifacts of the museum, so our students got all the resources needed to conduct detailed research. In addition,  our students were allowed to take several photographs exclusively for the purpose of their work, as well as to individually visit objects in order to have a detailed study about the objects they were interested in.

We thank the employees of the museum for their exceptional support and dedication to our program, and we hope that this project will draw attention to the importance of the National Museum of BiH through a visual language, a language that can shape the way we see the world around us.

To learn more about the visit, please check out the video.

Zemaljski muzej