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NATO Brigadier General Held a Lecture to Burch Students
Nov 01, 2019

NATO Brigadier General Held a Lecture to Burch Students

NATO Brigadier General Marti J. Bissell held a lecture to Burch University students on „BiH's current path to NATO and the benefits that Bosnia and Herzegovina might get from membership in the Alliance.ˮ

Lecture by Marti J. Bissell, the NATO Brigadier General, started with information on the history of the NATO Alliance when the twelve countries pledged to prevent the potential aggression of any foreign power on 4 April 1949.

She then referred to the common values of NATO, including democracy, peace and stability, freedom and the rule of law. Bissell explained Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, the so-called mutual defense clause, which ensures that an attack on one member state is an attack on all members of the North Atlantic Treaty. Article 5 stands for the defense and promotion of the security of NATO members.

While informing students about the NATO accession process as well as the requirements that potential NATO member countries must meet, Bissell pointed out that there are myths about NATO that are based on people's misperceptions about this organization.

Students from the IBU Department of International Relations and European Studies and Richmond Park College Sarajevo paid special attention to the lecture on NATO, the missions and values of the Alliance and its goals. Then there were questions where students were interested in where BiH is currently standing on its way to NATO, the reasons why BiH should join NATO and what are the obstacles on its way to the Alliance.

While answering questions, Bissel emphasized, among other things, that BiH is far from membership but that it has potential in military exercises and training for NATO forces due to its geographical location. She repeated and highlighted what common values NATO has, and that it should be the right path of BiH.

Guest lecture of NATO Brigadier General Marti J. Bissell was organized by a student club known as the Burch Diplomacy Club, which announced that it will invite and bring in many guest lecturers in the coming period.



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