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Professor Dejan Jovic Held a Lecture to IBU Students
Dec 11, 2019

Professor Dejan Jovic Held a Lecture to IBU Students

Professor Dejan Jović held a lecture to Burch University students on: „Croatia’s 2020 EU Presidency: What can Bosnia and Herzegovina expect? ˮ

Professor Jovic gave a lecture to students at International Burch University. In the introductory part, the professor spoke about the Croatian Presidency in the European Union in the first half of 2020, emphasizing 4 priorities set by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia.

The first priority is the emergence of an evolving EU that includes the continuity of economic growth. Economic growth should continue evenly or with the privilege of an economically weaker country with the aim of reducing the economic differences between the center and periphery of the EU. The next priority is EU integration. This term is part of a connectivity program, which not only involves building infrastructure but emphasizes people's connectivity. The connectivity program is implemented through the Erasmus + student exchange program, as well as opportunities to create a European society. Safe Europe is the third priority of Croatia's EU presidency. Security against all threats in EU countries, such as terrorism, is one of the key aspects, including the protection of EU borders. The fourth priority is EU influence, with a focus on the US and Russia, with the idea of expanding influence and focusing policies in cooperation with the world powers.

The aim is also to connect ideas around the world and create a united Europe. "A strong Europe in a challenging world" is the Croatian motto for building an EU. The topic of relations between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is not left out in this lecture. After the students' questions, the professor concluded the lecture, pointing out that it was in Croatia's focus and interest for BiH to join the EU as soon as possible.