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Rector's messages to class of 2019 they will remember forever
Jul 11, 2019

Rector's messages to class of 2019 they will remember forever

At the graduation ceremony that was held last week, our acting rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mersid Poturak shared motivating and useful messages with students of class 2019, their parents and friends. The following advice will be useful for all the upcoming generations of students, not just our graduates.

After a warm welcome, rector emotionally admitted that he still remembers their first day of studies when he addressed them on their Orientation day saying: "Welcome to your Graduation ceremony" with a warning that this day would come faster than they think. After that, he shared a few very important messages that students will remember for a long time.


1. Take care of your parents

Rector emphasized the importance of relationships with parents. He stressed out love and respect as the basis for spreading happiness. He explained that the key to one's happiness lies in the happiness of the loved ones. According to him, the best one could give a gift to parents is the personal development of an individual into a man.

2. Take care about your health and the way you live

He said that taking care of yourself and a healthy way of life is the way to become a good, decent human. "The duration of physical life is forgettable, but the traces that people leave behind are things that everyone keeps on remembering," he stressed out. In accordance with this, students should be prepared for the opportunities that will come because it is always better to be ready for an opportunity that may never come than to deal with the situation completely unprepared.

3. Take care about your relationships

Emphasizing the value of human communication, he warned about people's addiction to technology and digital age. He expressed the desire to renew human communication and not allow technology to replace live interaction, and that the virtual world should never change the perception of a normal, real life.  Moreover, rector stated that generosity, kindness, courage, sincerity, and love are the pillars of society and important communication skills.

4. Take care about your Homeland

„No matter where you go and where your life paths will take you, there will always be one and only one country you belong to, and whenever you forget it, there will be many things that will remind you of who you are and where you come from.“, professor Poturak pointed out, adding that every student should be proud of the country he or she is coming from, as well as be ready to create a healthy and safe environment for themselves, but also to think about the foundation they make and leave behind for future generations.

5. Have fun and develop useful habits

With the message that spirit does not age and that one should stay young forever in heart and mind, he wanted his students not to lose a smile and not repress their desire for fun. He said that getting old is only physical change and that spirit and its tendencies to infinity should never get old, if we strive for great virtues, along with the perseverance of happiness and ambition.

He also addressed parents with a message: "Dear parents, thank you for giving us your most precious treasure in life, your boys and girls. I assure you that we have treated them as our own children. Your children have become very important members of one big family, who care and treat everyone equally. You can call this family, without any hesitation, BURCH FAMILY! Wherever you go, the door of our family will always be open to you and we will always be available to you. "

At the end, he greeted all attendees at the ceremony and expressed his satisfaction for having the opportunity to meet this generation and spend time with them. He also stated that he was always inspired by their sincerity, curiosity, and creativity. He concluded his speech saying that the future of these young people is bright, because they themselves are the future, and to keep it that way they should stay strong and brave.

Rektor - obraćanje generaciji 2019