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Start Me Up High school Competitions
Jan 21, 2019

Start Me Up High school Competitions

Another event was organized by the International BURCH University in cooperation with the Association of High School Students (ASUBiH) in B&H providing high school students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

Start Me Up conference, organized by the BURCH University for the second time, was attended by 110 high school students who participated in the extracting 40 ideas from the 180 received applications and projects this year. Out of 180, only 40 ideas passed to a further competition which continued for the long three days, starting on Friday, January 18, and, to the pity of all ending on Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Students and staff at BURCH University welcomed the guests and attended the opening ceremony on Friday. Everyone was socializing and getting better acquainted at dinner followed by Ice Breaking games. Saturday was reserved for many planned workshops, working with participants, semi-final round and announcing the finalists.

Though all the ideas were fantastic, and the teams were full of energy, only 15 teams had the opportunity to present their ideas at the final competition. Our judges Armin Konjalić, Jovana Musić, and Alema Pelesić had a lot of work to do before choosing the best among so many ideas.

The team who proved to be the best is DepresijApp, whose members are Sejo Ivković, Amina Madžak, Semira Jablić, Kenan Suljić, and Muamer Galešić. The second place was taken by ARC team with members Bakir Mujkanovic, Ajdin Nukić, Kenan Imamović, Ajdin Bajrić, while the third place was shared by HoloBox, Mustafa Mlinarević and Faris Dervić and CaseBlocks, Omar Hurem and Deniz Đekić.

Looking forward to our next event, the next Start Me Up Conference, where we will have the opportunity again to see the winning teams from both of our  2018 and 2019 competitions.

Start Me Up Highschool 2019