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Successfully completed Social Day at IBU
Oct 18, 2019

Successfully completed Social Day at IBU

Today, as in previous years, International Burch University (IBU) hosted high school students from the Sarajevo Canton as part of the Social Day project.

Social Day is a project in collaboration with the Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ASuBiH), which, for one day, gives students the opportunity to replace school benches with workplaces. This is how high school students get an insight into how one working day goes by. They also acquire their first “work experience” and are given the opportunity to finally apply the theoretical knowledge they acquire at school to practice. This project also offers them the opportunity to make a decision about their potential future career by going to a certain job.

This year IBU was visited by students from the Gymnasium Obala, High School of Mechanical Engineering and High School of Electrical Engineering. Students were given the opportunity to spend a working day with the IBU staff at the Marketing and PR Office, IT Center, Genetics Lab, and the Burch Startup Incubator at Freund and TribeOS companies.

Students were given the opportunity to learn more about marketing and promotion, web design and programming, genetics and bioengineering, electronics and information technologies.

 “This day at IBU gave us the opportunity to expand our knowledge about marketing and to gain experience which will make employment in the future easier. We are thankful to the Marketing office staff with whom we spent our day because they did an excellent job presenting us their activities and giving us the opportunity to be part of this project and this text you are reading is our work. Our first working day was very useful, but also fun” said the students from the Gymnasium Obala, Emina Husić, and Ella Alihodžić.

Hena Čalkić and Ajla Ćivić, students from the Gymnasium Obala, who spent their working day in the genetics laboratory, have realized what they want to do in the future. Genetics and lab work will be their call.

„Social Day is a great opportunity for young people who can meet new business challenges. We are interested in the IT sector and we are fortunate to be able to apply the knowledge gained in high school in the field of software engineering. The employees of the IT sector working at TribeOS Start Up Company kindly welcomed us and gave a detailed description of their workplace. We are thankful to IBU for this wonderful experience,” the students from the Gymnasium Obala, Amina Kodžaga, and Amina Ožegović pointed out.

Two students from the High School of Mechanical Engineering Maid Mesanovic and Arian Gojak had the opportunity to spend their working day at the Startup Freund Company, saying: “We spend our working day adopting new information. The professor, who is also the co-owner of the company, introduced us to the way the company works, the products that are represented on the international market. Most important of all was the practical part where we connected the diode to the resistor, connected it to electricity. In addition, we learned how to create a website and use it to market a product to the public. Social Day is a great opportunity to gain some practice and we are very happy to have been part of this project at IBU. "

Dorijan Komsic, who spent his working day at the IT center, said: “I think this was a well-spent time and I learned a lot. All congratulations to IBU teams on their very good organization, professionalism, and a friendly welcome. ''

International Burch University successfully completed another Social day in association with ASuBiH and our teams can be proud that they had the chance to host such young and ambitious people that showed big interest and initiative to learn something new and gain new experience.


Social Day 2019