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The Danish idea was realized by a production solution at Burch Business Incubator
Aug 06, 2019

The Danish idea was realized by a production solution at Burch Business Incubator

The Danish idea was realized with a production solution in Bosnia and Herzegovina at International Burch University thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevrić, formerly IBU student, now head of Department of Electrical Engineering and co-owner of Freund Ltd. company.

The story leads us to Denmark, where the idea and desire to contribute to the BiH economy has grown into a serious project that connected two countries and brought a stable Bosnian Freund Ltd company.

Mr. Anel Bektaš is a man from Bosnia and Herzegovina who due to war situation went to Denmark, where he continued his education, learned language, and began working with serious companies like Samsung and Bang Olufsen. Long-term work and experience he gained led Mr. Bektaš to Mr. Jörgen Freund, owner, and general manager of the Danish company FREUND ELECTRONICS A / S, headquartered in Odense. With over 40 years of experience in management and business development, Freund got an offer from Bektaš to realize the idea of creating and starting the production of a new product line BiH through the founding of Freund Ltd. which would make the Freund group better positioned on the Scandinavian market.

All that was then based on the idea is now the products that are already presented on the international market thanks to a very young and quality team that has developed a complete solution from software to hardware in Sarajevo, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevrić. As an IBU student of master and later Ph.D. studies, a professor from the Department of Electrical Engineering Jasmin Kevrić accepted the offer and an unusual opportunity to engage in a serious business world through the Burch Business Incubator. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kevrić set a firm foundation for the company and thus became the first professor of the IBU academic community whose company developed and produced the first products on the Entrepreneurial platform of the University. One of the segments defining an entrepreneurial university is enabling the establishment of companies within the University with a good idea coming from students, professors or business environments.

Freund Ltd. company has decided to offer devices to potential customers, such as smart intercom systems that match mobile devices, public address system (airports, hotels, supermarkets, parks, schools) that can be managed via a mobile device from remote location and IP card access control systems that are very easy to configure by the final user or installation company.

However, it is important to emphasize that this company is of particular importance to IBU students: "We are a company that brought its own equipment and secured part of it through various projects while other infrastructure resources are being used by the University. As a professor of electrical engineering, I must emphasize that it is very important for us to start using this equipment in our everyday lessons and exercises so that students can facilitate practical work and understand the theory, " professor Kevrić said proudly.

After almost three years of work, employees of Freund Ltd. A company can be satisfied and happy that everything goes according to the plan and initially set goals. In the end, prof. Kevrić says: "Our vision is clear. In the coming period, we are planning to open new markets and products in America, New Zealand, Australia, and employ new students and workers. "

One thing is certain, IBU will continue to move firmly in the entrepreneurial direction because this story is another indicator that we are heading in the right direction.

Freund - Jasmin Kevrić