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Today is a long-awaited event for young basketball players: "Camp KK Igman Burch 2019"
Jun 14, 2019

Today is a long-awaited event for young basketball players: "Camp KK Igman Burch 2019"

The Camp will gather 70 young basketball players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro, who will get a great opportunity to play for KK Igman Burch University and to be selected for scholarships at International Burch University or Richmond Park College.

The camp will be held between 14-16 June 2019 at the campus of Burch University where the boarding school and sports hall are located. The presence at the camp is completely free for all registered participants. All participants will go through a three-day drainage process from which the most talented players will be selected to continue their cooperation through basketball engagement, as well as education.

KK Igman Burch University is the only sports club of this kind in BiH that offers both sports and educational content to younger and senior selections. Most of the current players of KK Igman Burch University are full-time students and students from International Burch University and Richmond Park College, who, based on their success, have a right to get sports scholarships during their education.

"When children from Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro come to try to get a scholarship for education, then we can certainly be proud of the club we work in. We will try to do as much work as possible in three days to get a clearer picture of all the participants. I am proud of the people in the club because they have enabled three-day free trips for all participants in order to get as many children as possible who are ready to show all their skills. The camp is a unique story in the region, a complete system (boarding school, school, hall) and every parent whose child is engaged in sports, would be more than happy with getting this opportunity, " concluded Dženan Podbičanin, a head of KK Igman Burch staff.

For any additional information about the camp please contact Dzenan Podbicanin on +38761218757.