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Students of Civil Engineering Had Practical classes at the Mining Institute in Tuzla
Jan 14, 2020

Students of Civil Engineering Had Practical classes at the Mining Institute in Tuzla

In addition to familiarizing students with the standards, they had the opportunity to see the processes of analysis of building materials from experts working in the laboratories and to make certain analysis themselves

Second-year students of the Civil Engineering Study Program at International Burch University visited the Tuzla Mining Institute, i.e. the geomechanical laboratory. The visit was led by practice expert Jasmin Isabegovic, who organized practical classes about mechanical properties of soil for students at the Institute.

After an introductory presentation on the history and organization of the Institute, students were presented with projects completed in the past with a particular focus on geomechanics and laboratory testing.

The students were also introduced to the BAS ISO 17025 standard, which is mandatory for all laboratories, including the organization of the laboratory itself and the equipment and methods used in the geomechanical laboratory.

They were also presented with the standards 17892-1 through 17892-12 which are the basic standards for determining the physical and mechanical characteristics of soil such as: water content, density, Atterberg limits of consistency, cohesion, angle of internal friction, modulus of consolidation, permeability etc.

In the building materials testing lab, experts explained to students the preparation process for testing water content, density, direct shear, Oedometer, permeability, Atterberg limits, and the Proctor test. Students were then given the opportunity to use the equipment, make various measurements and use laboratory reports to input value.

The students emphasized that this practical teaching is a special experience for them, since the Institute has a very rich resume with many complex projects from which students can learn and use them during their studies as very good examples from practice.

“Apart from the Institute's projects, seeing the laboratories and experiencing the work and experimental procedures firsthand is the greatest importance of this visit, which, together with acquiring knowledge in this subject, made this visit even more interesting and exciting. We are especially thankful to the staff of the institute, as well as to Professor Isabegovic for his hospitality and kindness, "said Irfan Bidzevic, a second- year student of the Civil Engineering Study Program.

The Civil Engineering Study Program at Burch University is designed to provide students with the best job opportunities by placing a special focus on hands-on teaching in relevant institutions through each subject.

"Consultations with colleagues from European universities and companies have contributed to the study program being designed to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in technical disciplines, laboratory testing, and software modeling and structural analysis," said Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Sayed, Head of the Civil Engineering Study Program.

The practical training that the students had at the Mining Institute in Tuzla is one in a series that will be organized in the coming period in construction institutes and companies.

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