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Burch Delegation at 7th Days of Passive House in Croatia
Nov 14, 2014

Burch Delegation at 7th Days of Passive House in Croatia

Delegation of the International Burch University consisted of Assist. Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gunay Karli, and research assistants Adnan Novalić and Mustafa Avci also got the opportunity to be a part of this important regional meeting, and attend many lectures, presentations, workshops, exhibitions and realize working trip to Slovenia.

On behalf of the International Burch University Assist.Prof. Dr. Sanela Klarić held a lecture „Sheeps Wool as Natural Material - Opportunity for Sustainable Development of the Region“ on Friday, November 7. The presentation was welcomed, and most of the participants had very positive reaction and approach to our delegation to get more information about future development.

Consortium Passive House in Croatia with Faculty of Architecture within University of Zagreb and few other instances organized „7th Days Of Passive House“, a professional conference held in Zagreb from 7-9th of November, 2014. Burch delegation made this professional conference more productive with a meeting of Vice- Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gunay Karli with the Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Mr. Sc. Boris Koružnjak and Prof. Mr. Sc. Ljubomir Miščević, Director of Consortium Passive House in Croatia. The meeting was concluded by signing a Memorandum of Understanding that covers cooperation on workshops, summer school, student exchange and joint work on European projects.

Within the professional conference, other representatives from the regional centers have reported on reference projects, achievements and development programs for the implementation of the energy efficiency requirements in building according to the scenarios of the European Union.

Lectures and presentations elaborated more traditional themes of the most advanced solutions and best practices in Croatia and abroad in the energy standards of passive house. Overview of projects and achievements in Croatia confirmed the feasibility of such solutions.

Burch University delegation is satisfied with the established cooperation and gained info on new practices in the field of passive house implementation, that will be incorporated in the Techno park Project at our university.

Burch Delegation at 7th Days of Passive House in Croatia