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Seminars with Professor Jenny Moon

Dec 12, 2014

Dec 12, 2014 11:00 iCal

Guest - lecture

Jenny Moon
Associate Profesor at Bournemouth University

Professor Moon has worked in educational development since 1998, and before that in the Health Service and in most sectors of education, though latterly higher education. The focus of her interest is the process of human learning and she has explored this in a number of books (reflection in Learning and professional Development, 1999), Learniong Journals (1999 - now being prepared as a second edition), Improving the Impact of Learning in Short Courses and Workshops (2001). Professor Moon runs workshops in many universities in the UK and abroad on reflective learning, the use of learning journals, critical thinking and on learning outcomes in program development. She is the author of multiple other articles and books. In terms of her own practises, she dabbles with short story writing and poetry and works as a storyteller in a variety of settings.

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