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Why Burch?

In a time when there are many universities providing their services and trying to give best to students then you probably wonder "which university should i choose that will give me great education but also great memorable student life?."


We are going to give you some reasons why Burch University is perfect for you...


Multicultural Environment

Burch University

First of all, ever wanted to study in environment with students all over the world?. So Burch offers you multicultural environment where you will study with students from 25 different countries.

Some advantages of living and studyin in multicultural environment are those that you will gain important insights and interpersonal skills which are crucial in succeeding in today’s modern multicultural society. You will gain greater cultural awareness, you will be more flexible to change, you will learn how to treat nice with others and finally create yourself brighter future with attitudes collected from students with different cultural background. Visit: International Office for more info.


Qualified and Experienced Professors

Burch University

Burch University have qualified and experienced professors which are doing their best to transfer their knowledge to the students. Here on Burch we are standing for that there should not be difference between professor and student and that every student can come easily and ask for help for the studies or even if they have personal problems. Professors are not waiting for the students to come to transfer knowledge but they are those who are approaching to students and giving them knowledge gathered from years of professional experience. Visit Academif Staff website for more info.


Innovation Center


Aim of Innovation Center is to improve science with new and innovative solutions, set of practical activities, implementing new ideas, enlarging peoples will for improving and creating better world. Burch Innovation Center provides highest quality practice in education, works on your ideas and makes them work.


Becoming part of Burch Innovation Center gives you the opportunitiy to broaden your understanding of your industry and technology, as well as gain familliarity with the content of standards in which you are involved. Visit Innovation Center website for more info.

Internship and Employment Opportunities

Burch University

One of the most important parts of the educational process at our University is an obligatory internship. Every student has to complete at least 30 working days of internship before the completion of the undergraduate studies. This program inducts you to the labor market and gives you the opportunity to adopt the essential working skills and habits that will foster your future career.

With the aim of assisting students and graduates with achieving their career aspirations and goals, Burch Career Center also seeking to establish a bridge between talented, ambitious students and regional as well as international job market.

Many of alumni already are enjoying their very first employment and building their professional success by working in national and international organizations, non-governmental companies or are looking for establishing their private businesses.

On the other hand many employers who already got in touch with IBU students are coming back again being encouraged by the unique set of skills, talent and potential that IBU students are carrying out by completion of their study. Visit Career Center Website for more info.


Extracurricular Activities

Burch University

A significant effort has been made on part of all academic members of the University to establish the extracurricular activities. There are many interesting clubs student can join in, where you can express your ideas, and interact with other young people. All clubs provide numerous activities where you can gain specific knowledge and experience with the full support of all other members. You can choose from the Business Development Club, the Computer Club, the Linguistic Club, the Makerspace Burch Club and the Social Activities Club. Visit Sport, Culture and Health website for more info