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Brand Vision

The following "Brand book - Guidelines and Standards" and "Visual Book" were created to help bring consistency to the way we all communicate at and about International Burch University. We share a common goal to present International Burch University in the best way possible. Accordingly, we all share a responsibility to stay unique in any form of communication, whether it occurs in print, online or any other form. That is why we created this brand book and its goal is to preserve the University’s brand. In the following pages, you can find guidelines and standards that will provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish our collective goal and to promote International Burch University in the best light. By utilizing this brand book as a framework and by following all its rules we all can help our university brand become widely recognized. We want to mention that we do not expect anyone to adjust things done so far. However, it is expected that starting from now, we will all work to comply with the standards set forth in the "Brand book - Guidelines and Standards" and "Visual Book", and to begin that process immediately with any new work. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.