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Just like our printed communications, the information we post online should be quickly accessible and visually consistent with the International Burch University brand. The more intuitive and simple the organization, the more likely the user will interact with and return to the site. Web sites should be able to stand alone and give visitors a sense of the brand with every click. From type to photography to tone, all the design elements can be used here to help advance the brand through this powerful medium.

All Web sites must have International Burch University logo and  a “contact” link or contain direct access to contact information for the unit responsible for the content of the Web site or page.


Important Notes:

Passwords & Strong passwords: Pay attention to the strength of the passwords you use. For help with creating stronger passwords you can use one of the online system for generating password. (example: HERE) or read more about “How to create a strong password?”

If you enter the wrong password more than once, your account will be blocked, in this case to contact the relevant office (IT Center - Design Lab).

It is recommended to periodically change passwords for personal safety, the safety of the system and the website.

Names & Titles: In names of files or folders (directories) to use the letters of the Turkish or Bosnian keyboard. In names of files or folders (directories) do not use special characters.

Blank spaces: In names of files or folders (directories) leave blank spaces (as a replacement for the empty spaces use a hyphen or underscore).

Images upload: Do not upload on server photos / images / illustrations / graphics that have greater resolution than 100 dpi.
Do not upload on server CMYK photos / images / illustrations / graphics (only RGB).

Content duplicate: Do not add links and content that already exists on main web page (www.ibu.edu.ba),and do not duplicate any content or news from main web page (www.ibu.edu.ba). Duplicated resources will be deleted by administrator wothout warning.

Note: The system will record your every entry or exit.