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Graphic elements

Our main goal is to create unique visual identity. So we wanted to create graphic element that will represent International Burch University during some period (in thi case we decided that validity period will be 2014-2016). All official design is supposed to contain these graphic elements.

Graphic element selected to be main guide for visual identity of International Burch University during the period of 2014-2016 is triangle.

These triangle must be equilateral, no other triangles are acceptable. Colors used for triangles can take any variation of blue that can be found in official gradient (Colors section). Triangles also can be in official gold color.


Idea behind triangles is to create shape that will remind on diamond. There are two more graphic elements that we often use. First is background often used behind logo. Second is hexagon used for our famous quotes “Broaden your Horizons”.



During the period of validity, all rules mentioned up will also be applied to all websites.

Also, every website will have to include menu from main page (ibu.edu.ba). Departments and Offices are required to have the same menu like on main page (without exception). For centers, conferences and journals small (minimalistic) version of menu from main page (ibu.edu.ba) will be applied.