Entrepreneur, StartUp-er, Kickbox-er Semir Musić was Todays Lecturer to the BURCH - International Burch University

Entrepreneur, StartUp-er, Kickbox-er Semir Musić was Todays Lecturer to the BURCH



Semir Musić is a professional kickboxer. His career in kickbox peaked soon after its beginning with him winning many championships, so he decided to transfer his knowledge and experience to young people. Besides a successful sporting career, Mr. Musić is also an economist. His desire for success wasn’t quenched by just academic and sporting success. Mr. Musić also won several StartUp competitions, with his best project being growing berries.

On today’s lecture, he led students through his life, giving them advice on how to succeed in life and their wishes and how to get back on their feet after falling down. 

“I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m getting into the ring and fight a Russian. Russians are famous as the best and first on the rankings. I had cold-feet and a desire for the match to finish with as few injuries as possible. All my friends, acquaintances, and those closest to me – all those that were supposed to motivate me – were telling me how he was too big for me and how I wasn’t going to succeed. The match began. After the first hit, the Russian’s legs began to teeter. I was  ecstatic with the fact that even “Russians can teeter.” That time I won the match, which was reason enough for me to continue,” an obviously excited Mr. Musić recalls.

Mr. Muslić highlighted how his life didn’t cuddle him and how he had many falls which didn’t demotivate him but, rather, inspired him to continue. That paid off. He paid for his tuition with his own work and proved that young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina can succeed if they are brave and persistent enough.

The fact that he recently visited the United States, from which he brings back terrific memories, ideas, and yearning for Bosnia and Herzegovina, further proves that hard work pays off in the end.