Erasmus + Staff Mobilities during October - International Burch University
November 13, 2020
November 26, 2020

Erasmus + Staff Mobilities during October

Even though we are facing the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak which resulted in many
restrictions in terms of traveling and mobility of people itself, the month of October was very
bright in terms of staff mobilities under the Erasmus + program.

Academic and administrative members were travelling to Poland, Portugal and Croatia where
they were welcomed by partner instituions and joined the pre-planned program of their stay.

Professor Adnan Novalić from the Architecture department together with two colleagues, Haris
Tandir and Izudin Tatarević visited the University of Enterprise and Administration (WSPA) in
Lublin, Poland. They expanded their horizons by experiencing both similarities and
differences in the cultural setting of people in Lublin through observation of organizational processes
of planned events by our hosts, by meeting new people and establishing new contacts from
which our University might only emerge more possibilities for the future professional
development and better cooperation.

Senior Teaching Assistant from Management department, Ekrem Nurović travelled to ISAG
Business School in Porto, Portugal where he joined the activites during the International
Week organized by the host university. He also had a chance to give a lecture in the area of
Digital Marketing to the students at ISAG Business School and after exchange of knowledge
and good practices was able to adopt a new teaching methods in his lectures at IBU.

The mobility program is one of the important aspects of professional and personal
development of IBU academic and administraive staff and we are looking forward to the
continuation of it after the situation with COVID-19 allows.

For further information on the available calls for mobility as well as IBU partners in the
Erasmus + program please visit the website of the Office for International Cooperation and