EUFOR's Visit to the Student Parliament of BURCH University - International Burch University

EUFOR’s Visit to the Student Parliament of BURCH University

In front of the Slovak EUFOR Lot Team, BURCH University was visited by CPT, Maroš Žoffčák, commander of the EUFOR Lot House in Novo Sarajevo, SFC Marek Šutka, Team 1.3 member, and Ms. Elma Duraković.

Dean of students at BURCH  University, Mr. Admir Salihagić, together with the President and Secretary of the Student Parliament, Mr. Kemal Nedžibović and Mr. Faruk Ćidić, greeted the EUFOR guests at the premises of the Parliament where they discussed the current success of  the work of BURCH University’s students as well as plans and projects planned in the near future.

Representatives of EUFOR were delighted with the work so far, after which they expressed their interest and desire to support the work of our students in the future.

On this occasion the President of Parliament, Mr. Nedžibović was awarded for successful participation in the online EUFOR’s quiz.

After appropriate gifts guests visited the BURCH University campus and announced continuation of their cooperation.