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May 30, 2019
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June 7, 2019

Excellent workshop Posao.ba for IBU students

Business Development Student Club is a club of students formed within Faculty of Economics of International Burch University which has organized a number of significant projects for both its Faculty and the University.

This time, they invited guests of the portal Posao.ba to organize a workshop for all colleagues, students of all departments on the topics “How to write a CV and a motivation letter” and “How to prepare for a job interview”.

An excellent team from the portal Posao.ba, Erna Saljević- marketing and PR manager, Ines Bašić- job search recruitment specialist and Bojan Divčić- brand and marketing manager, have generously given numerous tips and tricks to students to help them prepare for their first working experience. They encouraged students to be more engaged in the course of their studies, acquire different skills and knowledge in order to enrich their CVs with experience. They also advised them not to be modest and to skillfully communicate their qualities.

Morever, they emphasized how important it is for students to know that their CV is their ID card for the future employer, that they need to write the most important information in their theses, and that their motivation letter serves for a wider description of themselves, their ambitions, and why they are the best choice for a particular position and company.

It was particularly interesting in the second part of the workshop when they were doing simulations of job interviews, where they presented various situations and questions that students are usually asked during the interview. Within this, they drew students’ attention to certain issues in job interviews they are not obliged to answer and are concerned with discrimination. This include, for example, following questions: are they in a relationship, what is their marital status, do they have children, what is their sexual orientation, are they members of a political party etc. Afterwards, they shared information with students on how to prepare for an employer’s question on what their financial expectations are. Speaking of salaries, they mentioned that students should be well informed before an interview on their portal plata.ba where they can find information on salaries for different positions in BiH.

The workshop ended with one-on-one simulations of job interviews, where students were able to ask questions individually and find out how to better present themselves to future employers.

In the end, students did not hide their enthusiasm and satisfaction for having the opportunity to be part of the workshop, actively taking part in asking questions, realizing that the knowledge they got will be very useful when they make first step towards their future career.