Discover the benefits of joining your IBU alumni network.
Join over x graduates in 20 countries, many of whom are high achievers in their fields. You will benefit from an international graduate network, their extensive know-how and job searching opportunities.

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Special offers and benefits are available to Burch alumni.
These include discounted opportunities for Continuing Education Center (CEC), a range of networking events, monthly newsletter, career services as well as discounts available within the University and beyond.

Career support for Alumni

Anytime and at any place you have the right to get the career support and career coaching. CV writing, interview workshops, career advancement are only a few services provided to you and your career.

Job & employment opportunities

You are not alone on this issue. It is easier to search for a job and get employed when there is a Burch Career Office to help you on this occasion.

Burch Shop

Gifts, clothes, and other materials with the Burch logo are available to you with a special discount.

Email forwarding (Email for life)

The email forwarding service is available to all Burch University alumni. The aim of this service is to provide you with a Burch-specific email address that will forward an email to your current email account.


Many special offers and benefits are available to Burch alumni. These include discounted opportunities for Continuing Education Center, a range of events, monthly newsletter, career service, and many discounts in Burch and beyond.

Continuing Education Center

A range of professional development opportunities for Burch alumni is provided by the University. Burch alumni have discounts on all courses, seminars, and workshops. For more info visit the CEC website.

Library Resources

All Burch alumni are free to come to the Burch campus and use the library resources from 08:30 am - 05:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Journals and Conferences

As a Burch alumni, you have discounts on publishing your papers in journals and conferences owned by Burch University. Also, you will gain access to the database of already published papers in journals and conferences.

Digital Library

Access the 20+ databases with hundreds of thousands of journal papers, books, and conference papers. You can access the digital library database from computers in Library settled on Burch Campus. Use those resources for your advanced education.