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Faculty of Education and Humanities is committed to providing support and benefits to the teachers of today and of the future. Our efforts are directed towards the advancement of education with a central focus on teaching and learning.

Dear students,

At the Faculty of Education and Humanities we aspire to make a difference in the lives of people and communities around us. We provide quality education in a manner that exceeds our students expectations and strive to become an environment recognised for its quality and the commitment to excellence.

The Faculty offers programs in the field of Graphic Design and Multimedia, Digital Communications and PR as well as English Language and Literature. The interdisciplinary approach encourages students to develop a range of skills, personal integrity and confidence while overcoming future challenges.

Our mission is focused on providing students with hands-on skills and high quality research. In order to produce competitive individuals highly adapted to dynamic market processes, we encourage critical thinking and provide advanced industry infrastructure and resources.

The final goal is a skilled and industry-oriented student with a can-do attitude and a successful career.

Department of
English Language and Literature

Think of international business, government and NGOs; you can work as a digital copywriter, editor, editorial assistant, talent agent, marketer, interpreter, translator, web content manager, English language teacher and much more.

Department of
Graphic Design and Multimedia

We turn your passion into a paid career. One of the key aspects of our study program is a wide variety of creative careers one can pursue after receiving a degree. Switching up your style and working on a range of projects is always an option. Think of it like this: we give you the platform for turning your passion into a paid career.

Digital Communications
and Public Relations

You will create social media content that influences different audiences and achieves set targets. Need we say that you will get immersed in one of the fastest growing communications areas with great career opportunities?

Game and Interaction Design

Engage in practical projects guided by industry experts. Our curriculum is focused on nurturing both creative and technical skills, supported by the latest technology and resources in game design.

Film and Video Production

Utilise state-of-the-art technology and learn from industry professionals. Our programme offers unparalleled exposure to real-world filmmaking, ensuring you're industry-ready upon graduation.


Pixel crew club

Enter the world of the design in another level beside the faculty obligations, develop your skills, learn something new, and build your portfolio.

Linguistic club

Connect with students who are interested in language, literature and everything that encmopasses it. We want to make the idea of language appear more approachable rather than just something that can be learned in school.


Connect with students who are interested in theater, acting and expressing themselves and their talents through masks and cloaks. T Club will make their appearance when asked, always ready to perform.


Our goal is to promote student activism in both academic and non-academic environments.

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Emir Klepo

Emir Klepo

Dean of the Faculty • Assoc. Prof. Dr.

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Senahid Kahteran

Senahid Kahteran

Faculty Secretary

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